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We are dedicated to provide you with a consistent and unsurpassed customer experience by offering excellent service, quality products and highly trained professionals with a passion for building lasting relationships.
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Waters Edge Salon & Spa in Burlington prides itself on keeping current with industry trends and styles that will keep you looking and feeling fabulous!

Waters Edge Salon & Spa is Owned and operated by Liza Bouchard-Bain. She will ensure each of your visits is as valued as your first one.

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  • I drive from Toronto to Burlington to get my hair done here! It is so worth it!Ashley H. / 14.2015
  • I adore everything about this Salon.The people, the atmosphere, the complimentary tea and chocolate. Honestly is the best Salon I have ever been to. Ashley H / 14.2015
  • Many thanks to Waters Edge Salon and Spa for making me feel so welcome ~ I had soooo much fun!Leanne N / 14.2015
  • Beautiful spa! You'll love it.Laura C / 14.2015
  • Benefits of sugaring in the winter

    Benefits of sugaring in the winter To sugar or not to sugar….That is the question! Winter time for many people is a break from the patriarchal demands on women’s bodies for hair removal. There are a ton of memes on twitter and Instagram dedicated to this concept of #winterlegs. The inside joke states that women […]
  • After Sugar Home Care

    We strongly recommend the following: Waiting 24 hours before exposing your skin to the sun, infrared lamps (tanning beds) or spray tanning Avoid products that have fragrances for up to 12 hours after your treatment Avoid hot baths, swimming and hot tubs the day of your treatment Proper exfoliation and hydration of skin will help […]
  • Pre Sugaring Tips

    Hair must be a minimum length of a grain of rice It is best NOT to tan or exercise prior to sugar removal Exfoliating and moisturizing is strongly recommended a week prior leading up to your sugaring but NOT the day of to avoid ingrown hairs. No lotions on the day of your sugaring services Wait […]
  • Microblading

    When you’ve tried every pencil, powder, pigment, gel, and stencil and your brows are still off fleek, Microblading — a more permanent solution to thin brows. It doesn’t matter if you like them arched and feathered or straight and bold, eyebrows are arguably the most important facial feature. If you’re not satisfied with the ones […]
  • Ombre, Sombre, and Balayage????

    Anyone else confused? We keep hearing these terms used today to describe hair colouring techniques. How do you know which one you want? What’s the difference? Here are a few pictures to put to each name.