Alexandria Professional Body Sugaring

Alexandria Professional Sugar Paste is an all-natural formulation, 100% free of chemical additives. It will not stick to skin cells and gently exfoliates dead cells. The hair becomes more refined and diminishes quickly. It is 100% water soluble and 100% hygienic.

Our sugaring technique will not damage the dermal cells or cause any unnecessary discomfort. Your skin will feel smooth and conditioned. All our sugaring experts possess a Master Sugaring Certificate.

*All sugaring services are also available in wax, with the exception of Brazilian or L.A. Bikini

Full Face   ~30min   $50

Eyebrows   ~15min ​$20

Premium Brow Design ​$30

Upper Lip   ~15min ​$12

Cheeks/Sides   ~15min $15     
Chin   ~15min    $15
Under Arms   ~15min​  $20

Half Leg lower   ~30min​   $40

Half leg upper   ~30min  ​$45

Full leg   ~45min $77

Full leg w/reg. bikini   ~60min $107

Full leg Brazilian   ~75min $120                                              

Full leg L.A.   ~75min $127

Half Arm   ~30min $31

Full Arm   ~45min $42

Regular Bikini   ~15min  $37
Brazilian Bikini   ~30min $52

L.A. Bikini   ~30min  $56 
Full Body   ~90min $138                                                     

Includes lip, brow, underarms, full legs, regular bikini

Men’s Back  ~45min $64
Men's Chest   ~45min $62

Bottom      $10​

Eyebrow middle     $10

Feet           $13

Inner Thigh      $10

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Pre Sugaring Tips...

  • Hair must be a minimum length of a grain of rice

  • It is best NOT to tan or exercise prior to sugar removal

  • Exfoliating and moisturizing is strongly recommended a week prior leading up to your sugaring but NOT the day of to avoid ingrown hairs

  • No lotions on the day of your sugaring services

  • Waiting 72 before facial sugaring after retinol or any type of chemical peels

  • Numbing cream is available to those with  sensitive skin, apply 30 minutes prior to your appointment (not recommended for face)

  • At times we will recommend Advil 30 minutes prior to just take the edge off

After Sugar Home Care....

We strongly recommend the following


  • Waiting 24 hours before exposing your skin to the sun, infrared lamps (tanning beds) or spray tanning

  • Avoid products that have fragrances for up to 12 hours after your treatment

  • Avoid hot baths, swimming and hot tubs the day of your treatment

  • Avoid exercising immediately following your treatment

  • Proper exfoliation and hydration of skin will help prevent bumps, which can lead to ingrown hairs

  • Using our body exfoliating brushes and body sea salts, sugar scrubs and lotions from Alexandria Professional®   on a daily basis

  • We have an array of products available for purchase to help support your at home care.  Our trained sugaring experts will guide you through what is best suited for you and your skin.

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